Flutter 踩坑 macos项目无法运行

error: unable to parse contents of file list '/Users/用户名/Desktop/Code/Flutter/tyty_flutter/macos/Flutter/ephemeral/FlutterInputs.xcfilelist'

error: unable to parse contents of file list '/Users/用户名/Desktop/Code/Flutter/tyty_flutter/macos/Flutter/ephemeral/FlutterOutputs.xcfilelist'

遇到这种错误不要慌,先用安卓studio或者VS Code跑一下 然后再run 你的工程就可以啦!

Navigator operation requested with a context that does not include a Navigator.
The context used to push or pop routes from the Navigator must be that of a widget that is a descendant of a Navigator widget.


1、Flutter Column 套 ListView 不显示

将 ListView 放到 Column 内部后无法显示 ListView 内容。遇到这种问题 不要慌 慌也没用
将 ListView 用 Expand 包裹起来。完事儿!

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