flutter 运行项目报错:Try launching Xcode and selecting “Product > Run” to fix the prob

2020-04-08 14:45:16.875 ios-ncn[38706:203108] [ !! ] Error 0xe800007f: Device doesn't support wireless sync. AMDeviceStartService(device, CFSTR("com.apple.debugserver"), &gdbfd, NULL)
Could not install build/ios/iphoneos/Runner.app on faae62f4d8b4ee9b0c3d85dd89226e203ffcf763.
Try launching Xcode and selecting "Product > Run" to fix the problem:
  open ios/Runner.xcworkspace
Error launching application on chenfaniPhone.
// 终端执行命令 
$ flutter channel // 之后选择“*”的分支 执行,例如flutter channcel stable 
$ flutter doctor 
$ flutter upgrade --force